What is HypoCyn™?


HypoCyn™  provides the latest technical advances in hypochlorous acid for the management of eyelid and eyelash hygiene

What makes HypoCyn™ different?

  • Fast acting against microorganisms associated with eye conditions such as blepharitis & dry eye
  • Balanced hypochlorous acid allowing for long term stability
  • Steroid free & antibiotic free
  • Non-irritating  & non-sensitizing - having passed bio-compatibility studies, including ISO ocular irritation and ISO Maximum Sensitivity test
  • Easy to use spray pump
  • Shatter proof plastic bottle

How to use HypoCyn™?


Spray HypoCyn™ on a clean gauze pad. Thoroughly apply to affected

areas and allow product to fully dry. Apply product 2 times

per day or as directed. 


Rebate-card-Hypocyn (pdf)