What is Hyclodex™?


Hyclodex™ is a proprietary skin solution technology containing hypochlorous 

acid (0.012%).  Hyclodex's proprietary technology provides long term product stability without the need for preservatives, allowing for an ideal PH balance.

What is Hypochlorous acid?


Hypochlorous acid is known to be safe and fast acting in the removal of 

microorganisms and bacteria of the skin. 

What makes Hyclodex™ different?


  • Non-irritating
  • Non-drying
  • No offensive smell
  • No bleaching of clothes and/or pillow cases

How to use Hyclodex™


Spray Hyclodex™ on a clean gauze pad. Thoroughly apply to affected

areas and allow product to fully dry on skin. Apply product 2 times

per day or as directed.